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Advanced eye protection for healthcare professionals

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Designed specifically for healthcare environments

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Protected eyes save lives

Everlasting protection: anti-fog and anti-scratch coating


Safety eyewear is an excellent physical barrier that helps reduce workplace accidents and slow the spread of viruses.

However, whether you wear safety glasses, goggles or protective face shields, fog can quickly become a problem.

It is necessary to choose a product adapted both to your specific needs and frequency of use. Our range of OTG, glasses, and prescription glasses combines protection and accessibility to protect your highly exposed employees.

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Tryon OTG

Protective Over the Glasses
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Safety Glasses
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Prescription Safety Glasses

Innovative and exclusive technology

Comfort and ultimate protection

Available on plano and prescription glasses

Ultimate performance

The PPE eyewear specialists

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Imitated but not equaled, our innovative PLATINUM® coating is applied to both sides of the lens.

In all conditions and at all times, PLATINUM® provides maximum protection for your eyes.

An exclusive technology that exceeds standards, our anti-fog coating ensures workplace safety and doesn’t affect your field of vision.

We offer a versatile range of anti-fog OTG, goggles, glasses and prescription glasses so you can work efficiently no matter what.

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Complete protection against viruses & infections

COVID-19 and other contaminants enter your body through your mouth, nose and eyes. The use of eye protection is recommended in workplaces with moderate to substantial community transmission*.

The shapes and coverage of our lenses protect your eyes from any spit, splashes, fluid, dust, debris and other irritants.

All of our products are certified and compliant with the most stringent international standards.

* Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Don’t compromise on comfort

Our transparent protective face shields, glasses, goggles and prescription glasses are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

Thanks to adjustable features and smart technologies, each frame sits perfectly on any face, regardless of its size.

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We are
bollé safety

The global brand for eye protection

Over our 130 years of existence, we have created more than 500 models of safety glasses.

Today, we are proud to protect the vision of over 20 million workers in 100 countries.

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